Your support team can be available 24x7, 24x5, 12x5, 12x7, 8x5. The support team’s schedule mostly depends on the types of applications. For mission-critical internal systems, 24x7 support and monitoring is a preferred option. Around-the-clock support availability is also required for external applications, whose downtime can incur huge financial or reputational damages, for example, a large ecommerce solution or online banking services. In other cases, support during a business’s working hours is a good cost-saving option.
You can opt for all-round or partial application support outsourcing depending on your in-house resources availability and readiness to establish support processes and manage the team. As an example of partial support outsourcing, I can mention the case where ScienceSoft provided the client assistance with advanced issue resolution (L2, L3 support), while a user support team (L1 support) was on the Customer’s side.
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